Meet Our Pastor

Carol Carruthers, Pastor
Pastor Carol Carruthers founded iMagine Freedom in the spring of 2006 because of a burning passion in her heart to find and know freedom in Christ for herself.  As freedom came, she joyfully shared with others.  Hundreds of people from all walks of life have come to her for Biblical Counseling, Freedom and Healing. 

With encouragement from others, and a big push from God, her passion to share freedom eventually led to the start of iMagine Freedom Church in 2010.  She started training her leadership team while having an active Freedom Ministry.  Carol recently moved to Flower Mound to plant the church and introduce people to Jesus Christ and the freedom He provides.

Carol’s background includes over 30 years of involvement in every aspect of ministry in the local church and volunteering in the community.  Among the many aspects of ministry that she has been involved with throughout  the years, some of her favorites are when she led a prison ministry, ministered the freedom process to drug addicts and prostitutes in an inner-city ministry, trained teams for street evangelism and now building a church.  As long as she is sharing Jesus and his amazing love, she is in her element.