About Our Church

Come worship with us.  Live the victorious Spirit Filled Christian life as we study God’s word.  Learn how to be free.  Break through into all that God has for you. 

iMagine Freedom is a New Church Start up which means we are a small, growing family learning together who Jesus is.  We are a family.

We are looking for people who really want to know God's word for themselves; People who want to get serious about their relationship with Jesus and walking in the freedom that God provides.

Jesus died so you could be free.  What does freedom mean to you?  Does it mean Joy, Peace, Stability, Abundance, Adventure, Family, Laughter, Confidence, or Love?

Freedom comes in many forms.  We are a church.  We are a Freedom Ministry.  We sing.  We love.  We give.  We are a family.  Learn what it means to belong.  There is room learn and grow.  There is a place for you to serve when you are ready. 

Start the adventure!  Come Sunday!